SAS South Africa is a Top Employer

The company has been certified by the CRF Institute as one of the Best Employers South Africa 2012/13.

SAS South Africa is among the best employers in the country for 2012/2013, according to research conducted by the CRF Institute.

More than 400 companies are pre-screened for the list, but a much smaller number participates in the final research study. In 2012, 84 companies were invited to participate in the study, with 73 being certified as a Top Employer.

"SAS South Africa earned the certification as a Best Employer because over 100 HR policies and employee offerings either measure up to, or are superior to, the International Standards of Best Practice," said Millicent Sibeko, Human Resources Director for SAS South Africa.

The CRF Institute assesses employee offerings on the following criteria:

  • Primary Benefits.
  • Secondary Benefits and Working Conditions.
  • Training and Development.
  • Career Development.
  • Culture Management.

According to Sibeko, certification is important to SAS because it helps to:

  • Strengthen and enhance our employer brand.
  • Enhance our commercial brand for our products and services.
  • Attract the best people to come and work for SAS.
  • Strengthen engagement and retention of staff.
  • Benchmark our employee offerings against other certified organizations.
  • Improve and innovate our employee offerings.

View SAS South Africa's Best Employer profile page.


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