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Thursday, December 1st | 4PM-5PM SA Time

Credit Scoring using SAS Enterprise Miner: Advantages over Programming
Speaker: Aneshan Ramaloo

The session provides an overview of developing Application Stage Credit Risk Models using SAS. Credit Scoring for SAS Enterprise Miner helps risk modelers make accurate and timely default predictions to streamline the credit approval processes; improve customer acquisition, retention and collections; and reduce exposure to business risk in an organization’s consumer lending portfolio.

This session will be presented by Aneshan Ramaloo whereby he will take you through the key steps in developing Credit Risk Models using SAS.

Tuesday, December 13th | 4PM-5PM SA Time

Is bad data breaking your back?
Speaker: Antionette van Zyl

Could you be saving or making Big Money but due to bad data you are making bad decisions? Has you brand ever been compromised and your reputation being tarnished. Come and listen to Antionette van Zyl how she discuss the impact of Bad data as well as offer solutions to your problems.

Data Requirements are fast becoming the biggest challenge in business as they just don’t have the IT systems and Processes in place to assist them in cleaning their data as well as managing and reporting on the quality of their data. More and more data are used daily and Regulatory pressures are forcing business to relook the way they govern and manage their data.

In this session we will look at:

  1. Profiling your data – this will show where the problems are lying
  2. Cleaning and Standardizing data
  3. Identify duplicate records
  4. Creating one single view of your data
  5. Creating business rules
  6. And lastly how I can monitor my data on a dashboard to ensure quality, consistency and reliability of my data

We will also give some tips on linking a monitory value to bad data and how I can start looking at the costs associated to bad data.

Thursday, December 15th | 4PM-5PM SA Time

Using SAS Visual Analytics on social media data in the public domain
Speaker: Haroon Suliman

The Session will cover how to use SAS Visual Analytics to access Social Media data from Twitter and Facebook. The session highlights how to create a word cloud, look at topics and search specific terms within that topic. It also shows how to analyze document sentiment.

This session will be presented by Haroon Suliman whereby he will take you through the SAS Visual Analytics functionality of accessing data, creating graphical content as well as word clouds and validating document sentiment.


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