SAS Data Quality Using DataFlux Data Management Studio

Exam Content Guide

Below we provide a list of the objectives that will be tested on the exam.
For more specific details about each objective download the complete exam content guide.

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Navigating the DataFlux Data Management Studio Interface

  • Navigate within the Data Management Studio Interface

Exploring and Profiling data

  • Create and explore a data profile
  • Design data standardization schemes

Data Jobs

  • Create Data Jobs
  • Apply a Standardization definition and scheme
  • Apply Parsing definitions
  • Apply Casing definitions
  • Compare and contrast the differences between identification analysis and right fielding nodes
  • Apply the Gender Analysis node to determine gender
  • Create an Entity Resolution Job
  • Use data job references within a data job
  • Understand how to use an Extraction definition
  • Explain the process of the definition of pattern analysis

Business Rules Monitoring

  • Define and create business rules
  • Create new tasks

Data Management Server

  • Interact with the Data Management Server

Expression Engine Language (EEL)

  • Explain the basic structure of EEL (components and syntax)

Process Jobs

  • Work with and create process jobs

Macro Variables and Advanced Properties and Settings

  • Work with and use macro variables in data profiles, data jobs and data monitoring
  • Determine uses for advanced properties

Quality Knowledge Base (QKB)

  • Describe the organization, structure and basic navigation of the QKB
  • Be able to articulate when to use the various components of the QKB
  • Define the processing steps and components used in the different definition types.

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