On-Demand Webinar

What Brands Get Wrong About Demand Planning – and 3 Ways to Make It Right

Better predictions of consumer demand signals drive more accurate demand forecasting and planning. Find out how it works in just 20 minutes!

About the webinar

Having learned tough lessons about adapting quickly to shifting consumer demand, many retailers and consumer goods brands are reexamining their demand planning and forecasting processes.

Shorter product life cycles, expanding assortments, frequent price changes and sales promotions compound these core challenges, making proactive decisions more important than ever.

Simply basing replenishment on shipment data no longer works.

And traditional approaches to forecasting are too basic to capture today’s complex market dynamics.

In this webinar, industry experts explore how retail and consumer goods brands can use the right consumer demand signals and other critical downstream data, plus analysis and insights, to stay ahead of the demand curve. 

What you'll learn:

  • Why demand planners are usually forecasting supply rather than demand – and what can be done to fix it.
  • Why most demand planners didn’t see pandemic-related shifts in consumer demand patterns in time to react swiftly.
  • Which external and internal data sources brands should really focus on to more accurately predict demand in the new digital economy.
  • How new forecasting and planning solutions can holistically model trends, seasonality, sales promotions, price and other factors that influence demand using predictive analytics and/or machine learning.

Learn more - watch the entire webinar series.

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About the Experts

Charlie Chase
Executive Industry Consultant, Retail and Consumer Goods, SAS

Dan Mitchell
Global Business Director, Retail and Consumer Goods, SAS

Meredith Cannon
Director, Integrated Business Planning
Campbell Snacks at Campbell Soup Company