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SAS® Viya® – Accelerating AI Innovation on the SAS® Platform

Ready to accelerate your analytics journey? Learn how SAS® Viya®, a cloud-enabled and open analytics engine, extends the value of the SAS Platform for quick, accurate and consistent results.


About the webinar

Whether you’re a data scientist, domain expert, analyst, developer or business decision maker, SAS Viya delivers maximum value from your AI solutions running in the cloud, at the edge, in database or in memory. And only SAS Viya offers a multithreaded processing environment developed for analytics and modern machine learning – with no extra coding or memory management needed.

Now you can hit the ground running with an open platform that handles any data type, volume or speed. Manage all your analytics from a single place. Code in any language. Run it in the cloud or on your hardware, the choice is yours. Get answers in seconds, not hours or days. And find that one critical insight hiding inside billions of rows of data. Ready?

Learn why SAS Viya is the right choice for Citi:

  • High-performance computing architecture.
  • AI and machine learning innovation.
  • Unified analytics.
  • Full analytics lifecycle support.
  • No extra cost, regardless of where you create or deploy.

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Erin Davis, Analytical Systems Engineer, SAS

Erin Davis provides large financial businesses with the tools they need for advanced analytics, data management, reporting and deployment. She’s passionate about empowering businesses to realize the full and powerful value of their data. Davis is a graduate of NC State University's Institute for Advanced Analytics, where she developed the skills to clean, model and give business insight to huge amounts of data.  

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