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To Trust AI, Understand AI

To successfully deploy AI, you must first become familiar with the lexicon and learn about the role of foundational concepts such as trust and ethics.

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About the webinar

Clearly, AI isn’t going anywhere.

But while it has huge potential, there exist legitimate concerns regarding its propensity to produce biased results that amplify inequities.

Adding to the complexity, the fundamental nature of AI is often misunderstood.

This leads to misconceptions and fears that hinder the practical adoption of AI solutions.

So let’s clear some things up.

You will learn:

  • Why the fundamental nature of AI systems creates complexity.
  • How concepts such as trust and ethics apply in the context of AI.
  • Emerging business and technical practices that work together to create trusted AI systems.

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About the Experts

Rumman Chowdhury
Responsible AI Lead, Accenture

Kimberly Nevala
Strategic Advisor, SAS