On-Demand Webinar

Top Trends Impacting Tax Administrators in 2021

Identify the top trends and economic changes reshaping how governments collect taxes

About the webinar

Compounded by a truly unique year from 2020-21, governments are adapting to increased globalization and advanced technology at unprecedented speed.

This also means they’re changing the way they collect revenues.

Join us for this webinar and we’ll show you the latest trends affecting tax administration at state, provincial and local levels and how to adapt to maximize those revenues and ensure voluntary compliance. 

We will:

  • Identify the top five trends.
  • Describe their expected impact.
  • Provide ideas on how tax administrators can respond.

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About the Experts

Shaun Barry
Director, Fraud and Security Intelligence, SAS

Jeffrey Cooper
Principal Industry Consultant, SAS

Joseph Musolino
Manager, Fraud and Security Intelligence, SAS

Alexandre Negadi
Senior Industry Consultant, SAS

Deborah Pianko
Principal Solutions Architect, SAS