On-Demand Webinar

Marketing in 20: The Digital Customer

Join SAS and Accenture for Part 1 of our conversation series. We’ll explore ways to create an immersive digital customer strategy that is tech-focused and human-driven.   

About the webinar

Today’s digital technologies are smart, immersive and mobile. Which makes today’s customers unlike any who came before them.

Can you deliver the real-time, personalized customer experiences that they have come to expect?

Equal parts informal and insightful, this conversation will provide you with concrete steps to create a more effective and engaging customer strategy.

You will learn:

  • How to connect data, analytics and decision making at scale.
  • How to develop real-time views of digital customer interactions.
  • Practical steps for creating an immersive digital customer strategy.

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About the Experts

Wilson Raj
Global Director of Customer Intelligence, SAS

Richard Scoggins
Marketing Development Director · SAS North America Lead, Accenture