On-Demand Webinar

Text Analytics and AI in Government

How text analytics and visualizations can help governments transform unstructured data into actionable insights

About the webinar

The volume of data that supports government missions is exploding, and it is increasingly unstructured.

While manually reading through hundreds of documents may be manageable, reviewing thousands or millions of documents is not.

AI and machine learning in text analytics enables you to find answers in minutes versus months.

This webinar showcases the application of text analytics and visualizations to transform unstructured, unmanageable data into action. 

Why attend?

  • Demystify AI and machine learning in text analytics by reviewing current state-of-the-art capabilities and discussing where and when to apply them.
  • Learn how to apply these techniques to use cases, such as assessing research from the COVID-19 pandemic, adverse event analysis and feedback from the public on proposed regulations or from consumer complaints.
  • Explore evolving best practices in AI and text analytics strategies.

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About the Expert

Tom Sabo
Principal Solutions Architect, SAS Government Practice