On-Demand Webinar

Ten 2-Minute Tips to Analyze This Year’s Field Data

In just 20 minutes, we will show 10 tips to maximize the impact of agriculture research data.

About the webinar

Data must have a line of sight to the business.

Results presentations that include “almost significant,” “a trend” or a complete absence of statistics are not only sloppy but also signal an inefficient and unprofitable development program.

The good news is that applied agronomists can take steps to improve the effectiveness of a development program without going to the time and trouble of generating new data.

Based on years of hands-on experience with seeds, genetics, agchem and biologicals, John Gottula will share 10 tips to make more out of field development data.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to assess data quality.
  • Discover how to parameterize a model.
  • Find out ways to improve model fit and accuracy.
  • Understand how to incorporate statistics and machine learning.

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About the Expert

John Gottula, PhD
Director of Crop Science, Agriculture, SAS