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Listen Up! Gaining More Actionable Insights by Listening to Data throughout Your Supply Chain

Maximize your current investments while preparing for the digital supply chain of the future  

Over the past 30 years, organizations have invested millions of dollars (and a lot of time!) in all kinds of operational systems. But now they’re realizing that vendors’ lofty promises have set them up to fail. From sales and operations planning to demand planning and forecasting, the best-laid plans are falling short of the goal: autonomic supply chains that use outside data to self-correct.

In this webcast, a trio of experts will discuss the many changes affecting organizations’ supply chains today. They’ll also explore how you can maximize your current investments while preparing for the digital supply chain of the future.

Lora Cecere, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, will review current market trends and share her insights on what you should consider and plan for as you modernize your supply chain.

Dan Soceanu, Senior Solutions Architect, Data Management at SAS, will discuss how to best manage and use all your data sources to reach the ultimate goal of being a market-driven organization.

Charlie Chase, Advisory Industry Consultant for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry at SAS, will offer his perspective on the analytics-driven journey leading firms are taking toward enacting demand-sensing, demand-shaping and supply-shaping technologies

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