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Two Stories of Successful Educational Technology Integration

Join SETDA, Curriculum Pathways and school district technology leaders to hear how to successfully – and sustainably – integrate educational technology into your schools.

About the Webinar

Integrating technology and digital content into the classroom is on the minds of every school district leader in the United States. But the path can seem daunting, littered with challenges along the way, and leading to more questions than answers.

Two counties in West Virginia, Monongalia and Kanawha, have cracked the code. Join us for this webinar, facilitated by SETDA and hosted by Curriculum Pathways, to hear how these districts successfully integrated digital content and realized the goal of sustainable low student-to-device ratio programs.

What you’ll learn

  • The key groups and roles to involve at the planning stage.
  • Challenges and obstacles to expect, and how to address them.
  • How to offer support at the school and district level.
  • The potential return on investment and outcomes.

About our expert guests

Leah Sparks
Executive Director of Technology, Kanawha County Schools

In her role at Kanawha County Schools, Leah Sparks oversees the technology plan for a pre-k through 12 school district with 27,500 students. The district has a 1:1 iPad® ratio in grades 5-12 and at least a 1:4 ratio in grades K-4. All teachers have a MacBook®, iPad, Apple TV®, and a SMART Board or LCD display.

Previously, Sparks taught graduate courses on technology for Marshall University, served as the Director of Technology for the West Virginia Center for Professional Development and was a classroom teacher for five years.

Chris Urban
Director of Technology and Communication, Monongalia County Schools

In her role at Monongalia County Schools, Chris Urban led the charge to bring a technology device to all 12,000 students in the district. Implementing this one-to-one initiative took a lot of planning, training, staff development, infrastructure updates and time to coordinate the school board, superintendent, deputy superintendent and curriculum leaders.

Prior to this, Urban started her career teaching elementary and middle school before becoming a technology integration specialist at the school and then the county level.

Melissa Greene
Director, Strategic Partnerships, SETDA

LeeEllen Harmer
Curriculum Pathways Outreach Manager, SAS

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