On-Demand Webinar

Spearheading Productivity: How SAS® Viya® Turns Productivity Gains Into Concrete Value

Join us as our business productivity experts discuss how to gain real value from what might otherwise seem like a very abstract concept.

About the webinar

The basic definition of productivity has been pretty much the same since the industrial age: how much you produce, or outputs, compared to what you spend to get there, or inputs.

The dramatic change today is how we reach peak levels of productivity.

Instead of relying on incremental improvements through advances in industrial machines or human labor, now we’re moving at light speed with AI and analytics.

And that’s where cloud-native SAS Viya comes into the equation.

Join us as our team of business and technology experts discuss what’s happening now to spearhead improvements in productivity and what could be coming next to keep it advancing even further.

We will share:

  • Why productivity matters in today’s business world.
  • How SAS Viya increases productivity.
  • The real impact of productivity improvements on your organization.

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About the Experts

Rob McManus
Director, Business Value, SAS

Bert Weemaes
Senior Business Solutions Manager, SAS

Blake Sheldon
Senior Manager, Analytics & Cloud Economics Business Value Engineering, SAS