On-Demand Webinar

LDTI: Achieve Business Value Beyond Regulatory Compliance 

LDTI Implementation Journey – How SAS Can Help


Small to medium-sized insurers, do you need a practical, compliance-ready and fully auditable solution to meet the U.S. GAAP LDTI mandate? If so, you will want to attend this upcoming webinar!

Join industry experts from SAS and Q_PERIOR as they discuss the LDTI journey and how to plan.  Spoiler alert:  data prep and processes across actuarial, finance and IT systems are critical.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Review select impacts of the LDTI standard
  • Identify impacts based on lessons learned
  • Discuss how the SAS solution addresses impacts and challenges
  • Multiple implementation and deployment options
  • Solution demo

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About the Experts

Sumit Chattopadhyay
North America Head of Risk & Finance Advisory, SAS


Kishan Mysore
Associate Partner, Q_PERIOR


Ethan Warmuskerken
Manager, Q_PERIOR


Craig Henningsen
Partner, Q_PERIOR