On-Demand Webinar

SAS® Cloud – Supercharge Your SAS® Development in Minutes!

Join us for this webinar to learn how SAS developers can use SAS Cloud to provide exceptional value to their organizations faster and more easily than ever before.


About the webinar

The benefits of the cloud are undeniable: no hardware, software installation or updates required!

Not to mention that your data and code are automatically backed up and ready whenever and wherever needed.

The cloud also fosters collaboration in a way that traditional platforms can’t.

So join us for this 45-minute webinar to find out how developers can take advantage of SAS Cloud.

Join us to learn:

  • How to eliminate barriers and be a more efficient programmer with a cloud approach.
  • How your existing SAS data and code can be even more relevant in SAS Cloud and how you can improve performance with the underlying architecture.
  • Why SAS Studio on SAS Cloud accelerates your development and collaborative efforts.
  • How the integration of new machine learning capabilities can dramatically expand the relevance and value of SAS.
  • How you can get started in minutes!

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Meet the Experts

Pam Schiltz
Customer Advisory Support Manager, SAS

Loren Sylvan
Advisory Solutions Architect, SAS

Avi Sooriyarachchi
Solutions Architect, SAS