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How Your State Can Make Data-Informed Decisions for Safer Supervised Populations

Surging violence in incarcerated populations has tragic outcomes. Learn how data can help stop violence before it happens.

About the webinar

Agencies responsible for criminal supervision must maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for those who live and work within the organization.

Over the last decade, prisons, jails and agencies responsible for supervision have seen an increase in violence that has led to loss of life for both employees and offenders.

The surge in violence has led to an increase in health care and worker’s compensation costs while negatively impacting workforce confidence.

Learn how the Iowa Department of Corrections used SAS to help move to a proactive model from a reactive one – improving efficiency, getting the best insight into its supervised populations and supporting data-driven decisions to make employees, offenders and its communities safer.

You’ll also learn how data and analytics helped the Iowa DOC’s recidivism rate decrease for the first time in seven years.

Why attend?

  • Discover how to use data from multiple sources to create dashboards that can improve efficiencies in everyday tasks.
  • Explore how dashboard insights can help your department make better release decisions.
  • Learn how data and analytics can help to reduce recidivism in your state.

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About the experts

Sarah Fineran

Research Director, Iowa Department of Corrections

Mary Beth Carroll

Justice Involved Populations Director, SAS