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Making the Case: The ROI of Demand Management

Learn how to evaluate and communicate the value of improving the credibility of the demand plan, complete with expert tips on quantifying and documenting ROI.

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About the webinar

As retailers and consumer goods brands learned recently, meeting demand for a product is essential.

Shortages can mean not only lost revenue for that product but also lost customers.

What’s the secret to having just the right amount of inventory to meet demand without experiencing stockouts or having to move or store surplus inventory?

In this webinar, industry experts from SAS and business process firm Oliver Wight explain why improving forecast accuracy and strengthening the supply chain are only part of the solution – and why the credibility of the demand plan is everything.

What you'll learn:

  • Why business leaders shouldn’t accept forecast inaccuracies as a way of life.
  • How to capture the impact of demand planning on the health of the business.
  • Ways to quantify the costs and benefits of improving the demand planning process.
  • Four critical considerations for improving the demand management process.

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About the Experts

Todd Ferguson
Principal, Oliver Wight

Greg Spira
Principal, Oliver Wight

Charlie Chase
Executive Industry Consultant, Retail and Consumer Goods, SAS