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How Do You Review Activity In SAS® Management Console?

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About the webinar

Imagine staying in SAS Management Console and being able to see activity information gleaned from recent changes in SAS®9 log files. For example, see audit activity for security access controls, user logins, failed logins and more.

Examining user and object activity can be a challenging task for SAS administrators with finding information in the right log file. Metacoda, in their latest release – Metacoda Plug-ins 6.2 – has a new activity reviewer plug-in that is focused on reviewing log data for specific metadata objects and specific metadata identities.

This will be of interest for those with auditing and troubleshooting requirements.

You will learn:

  • How to perform log data queries quickly without leaving SAS Management Console.
  • How to see very recent log entries.
  • How it integrates with other Metacoda Plug-ins to examine and view:
    • User activity for a selected user.
    • Activity for a selected object.
  • The underlying technology, architecture and prerequisites.

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About the Experts

Speaker 1

Michelle Homes
Co-founder, Sales and Communications Maestro, Metacoda

Michelle is an enthusiastic and active member of the SAS community and social sphere. A SAS user since the 1990s, Michelle co-founded Metacoda in 2007 and, as business development manager, enjoys working with SAS customers around the world to help keep their SAS platforms secure through effective metadata administration.

Speaker 1

Paul Homes
Co-founder and developer, Metacoda

Paul is a specialist in SAS platform administration, SAS metadata security and SAS metadata. SAS has been a part of Paul’s career since he began working with SAS software in the UK in the late 1980s. He’s worked in multiple technical roles including consulting, software development, pre-sales, support and training, and as a Java developer. Starting Metacoda in 2007 was a natural culmination of Paul’s skills and experiences. The software add-ons and plug-ins that he creates for Metacoda are tools he wishes were available when he was working as a SAS administrator with SAS 9.1.