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Further Down the Road: Revenue and Expenditure Forecasting for Departments of Transportation

Revenue streams for transportation agencies are becoming more volatile as unprecedented economic and political factors arise. Learn how analytics helps bolster revenue.

About the webinar

As new, more highly efficient methods of transportation evolve, the impact on gas tax revenue weighs deeply on transportation agencies across the country.

This traditional source of income is weaker than it has ever been. Simultaneously, infrastructure funding and spending is on the rise, increasing revenue streams in new and unexpected ways.

This uncertainty and volatility in revenue streams makes understanding future funding for transportation, or forecasting, more critical than ever.

Join us for this webinar and we’ll show you how forecasting solutions are critical to planning and executing transportation programs.

Transportation agencies need analytics solutions that show revenue impacts as they happen and accurately forecast the next 18-24 months.

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About the Experts

Lee Ann Dietz
Director of Global Government, Smart Cities and Transportation Industry Practice, SAS

Stu Sztukowski
Data Scientist, SAS