On-Demand Webinar

Rethinking Risk Management

Experts explore the benefits of positive risks in business – in just 15 minutes.

About the webinar

Organizational risk management and risk management strategies typically focus on identifying, evaluating and minimizing threats to capital and earnings.

Can risk ever be a growth opportunity? The answer – and the reasons for it – might surprise you.

As part of our series featuring industry experts discussing digital strategies, this brief webinar draws on the experience of former Chief Risk Officer and current SAS Executive Advisor Thomas Schneider. Schneider will talk with Lonnie Miller, Senior Manager of Industry Consulting at SAS, about seeing risk through the lens of opportunity.

What you'll learn:

  • How risk management has evolved over time.
  • What a sound risk framework looks like across industries.
  • Why channeling risk into growth and innovation makes sense.

Watch the entire Digital (R)evolution series here.

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About the Experts

Thomas Schneider
Executive Advisor, SAS

Lonnie Miller
Senior Manager, Industry Consulting, SAS