On-Demand Webinar

Retail & COVID-19: Charting a Path Forward With Analytics

Hear how customers are navigating retail’s new challenges and charting a new path forward with analytics.

About the webinar

COVID-19 is a major disrupter for the retail industry, affecting demand for products and the ability to deliver those products – both of which can make or break a brand’s customer experience.

But several retailers are weathering the recent chaos rather well, offering up unique examples of just how critical technology has become to the shopping experience.

Tune in to learn how our top industry experts are helping our customers navigate the new challenges they’re facing and chart a new path forward with retail analytics.

What you'll learn:

  • Top challenges retailers are facing.
  • How analytics can help retail meet new and shifting supply and demand patterns.
  • Ways to improve demand forecasts now, in the near term and post-pandemic.
  • Identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience across an ever-changing array of touch points.

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About the Experts

James Vickers
Vice President, Consumer and Communications, SAS

Scott Briggs
Manager, Pre-Sales Support, SAS

Jessica Curtis
Principal Presales Solutions Architect, SAS

David Kraay
Senior Presales Solutions Architect, SAS