Live Webinar

The Data Scientist Learning Journey: Responsible Innovation and Ethical Choice

This webinar series is designed for individuals who want to elevate their data science skills using SAS and keep pace with the most innovative technology.

April 30 • 11 a.m. ET • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

There is power in data and analytics – from faster innovation and higher efficiency to saving lives through better patient outcomes.

The industry is truly transformative.

It’s this power that requires us to step back, take an introspective look and ensure that ethics remain top-of-mind within data science organizations.

We’ll explain this cultural need and more.

You will learn

  • The importance of building a culture of ethics.
  • About ethical inquiry in the context of decision making with data.
  • How ethics, bias and values interrelate.

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About the experts

Catherine Truxillo

Director of Analytical Education, SAS

Catherine Truxillo has been a statistical training specialist at SAS since 2000 and has written or co-written SAS training courses for advanced statistical methods, including: multivariate statistics, linear and generalized linear mixed models, multilevel models, structural equation models, imputation methods for missing data, statistical process control, design and analysis of experiments, and cluster analysis. Truxillo also teaches SAS courses using SAS/IML® (the interactive matrix language), SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Studio and JMP® software. She completed her doctorate in social psychology with an emphasis in statistics at the University of Texas at Austin.  

Barry Hicks

Principal Software Developer, Data Ethics Practice, SAS

Barry Hicks helps ensure that innovations designed at SAS assist customers with making decisions that are ethical, trustworthy, accountable, safe and secure. Hicks has spent several decades designing and developing software solutions for a variety of industries and has spent time in senior management at SAS. Hicks is also a managing member of New Freedom Ventures LLC, a venture capital concern, and he is a founding member of Youth About Business, a nonprofit that has prepared more than 8,000 students for college and careers.