SAS Public Safety Virtual Summit

Protecting Citizens in a New Era of Analytics


About the event

Criminal justice and public safety agencies have the ability to change outcomes and affect lives through the use of data and analytics. The SAS Public Safety Virtual Summit is a deep dive into how analytics is used to address the challenges that threaten the health and safety of our cities and counties.

Virtual Forum Highlights

During this event, you’ll hear from your peers and subject-matter experts as they explore:

  • The opiate epidemic.
  • Child safety.
  • Law enforcement investigations.
  • Workforce development.
  • Wearable technology.
  • Homelessness, mental health and incarceration.

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Featured speakers and sessions

Secretary Erik A. Hooks, NC Department of Public Safety

Stemming the Tide of Opiate Abuse
Steve Kearney, Industry Consultant, SAS

Recruiting and Retaining Your Workforce
Jon Lemon, Industry Consultant, SAS

Managing Data for Better Results
Kay Meyer, Industry Consultant, SAS

Vision for Statewide Adoption of Child Protection Technology
Brian Bocnuk, Program Manager for Child Welfare Services, New Hanover County Department of Social Services

Overview of Wearable Technology
Kim Calhoun, CEO of CAP Science Labs

Understanding Incarceration, Homelessness and Mental Health
Sara Warren, Wake County Sheriff’s Office
Lorrin Freeman, Wake County District Attorney
Shana Overdorf, Partnership to End Homelessness
Denise Foreman, Assistant Manager for Wake County
Moderator: Jennifer Conner, Sr. Account Executive, SAS

Solving Crimes Through Link Analysis
Steve Serrao, Industry Consultant, SAS
David Kennedy, Industry Consultant, SAS

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