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Prime the Pump: An approach for better assessment of risk issues and unstructured data

Learn how AI capabilities can help you organize and analyze unstructured data to better assess – and avoid – risks facing your business.


About the webinar

Unstructured text data holds a wealth of insights about your business – both in terms of opportunities and potential risks.

Yet there’s an inherent complexity and disarray to unstructured text data that can make uncovering those insights very challenging.

Join us as we explore how to “prime the pump,” an innovative approach to uncovering insights from any and all of your data.

It’s a process that uses automated AI capabilities, but still relies on humans being in the loop.

We discuss how to:

  • Best apply natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Quickly and automatically uncover and categorize important risk issues from unstructured data.
  • Integrate machine learning and human intelligence through SAS® Viya®, our unified, open and user-friendly analytics platform.

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About the Expert

Sundaresh Sankaran, Solutions Architect, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SAS