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Are You Getting the Information You Need To Tackle Nurse Retention?

 Learn what’s needed and how we can help.


About the webinar

Like a storm, COVID has accelerated pre-existing staffing challenges in healthcare organizations and hospitals of all sizes.

In this webinar, Rich Kenny, RN Healthcare Industry Advisor at SAS with extensive nursing and hospital experience, and Larry Hall, Director of AI Solutions at PKSI, provide perspectives on the opportunities to alleviate the pressing staffing problem.

They address how imperative it is for leaders to have analytics solutions at their fingertips to fix their challenges. 

They discuss the pros and cons of starting with a third party rather than directly with a vendor.

Why attend?

Get answers to critical questions:

  • Do you have the right instrument to not only secure nurse retention but also grow operational capability? 
  • Looking at your data challenge, are you starting with the right analytics solution to get the right data? 
  • Why and how do you choose a partner to secure workforce loyalty through analytics? 

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About the Experts

Rich Kenny, MMCi, RN
Health Industry Executive Advisor, SAS

Larry Hall
Director of AI Solutions, PKSI