On-Demand Webinar

Now, Next, Future: What Consumer Brands Need to Unleash Profitable Creativity

In just 20 minutes, experts explain how successful consumer goods companies use digital technologies to create meaningful (and profitable!) relationships with shoppers.

About the webinar

As shoppers continue to favor online shopping and experiment with new brands amid the lingering pandemic, it’s more critical than ever for consumer goods brands to develop direct and meaningful connections with consumers.

Delivering highly personalized experiences that educate and engage shoppers makes products hyper-relevant to individuals.

Analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more can help brands connect with consumers, influence purchase intent and create true brand affinity.

In this webinar, marketing experts from the world’s largest consumer goods brand and SAS explore the dynamic duo of marketing analytics and creative strategies for creating highly personalized experiences that resonate.

What you'll learn:

  • Why increasing engagement and deepening consumer relationships are the keys to quickly detecting changes in demand and predicting new trends.
  • How consumer brands use multiple data sources to mine analytical insights that creative teams can take action on.
  • How using marketing measurement can help drive productive creative strategies.
  • Why brands must build analytical muscle as a core component of an innovative marketing department.

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About the Experts

Chris Padgett
Former Vice President of Marketing/Head of Digital and Consumer Communications, Nestlé USA

Kate Parker
Senior Manager, Customer Intelligence Global Practice, SAS