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Connecting With the New Digital Customer

To connect with customers in a “socially distant” world, the use of smart and immersive digital technology isn’t optional – it’s inescapable.

About the webinar

Consumers’ digital expectations and use of immersive technologies – such as mixed reality, AI and chatbots – are higher than ever.

Brands need to step up by embracing emerging technologies and rethinking how they connect with customers.

That’s why marketers must adopt new operating models that involve integrated technology investments in analytics and automation.

They must have a forensic understanding of consumers and a creative, agile mindset. They need to collaborate across functions and areas – not only to counter future disruptions, but also to spur growth.

Join this session to learn about:

  • The dynamics of the new tech-infused buyer.
  • Evolved strategies for merging personalization, trust and loyalty in CX.
  • Capabilities and processes that enhance business agility, adaptability and resiliency.

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About the Experts

Wilson Raj
Global Director, SAS

Bernard Marr
Best-selling author and Strategic Business and Technology Advisor, Bernard Marr & Co.