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Connecting With the New Digital Customer, Start Small, Win Big

November 18th at 11 AM EST

About the webinar

  • Customers’ digital expectations are higher than ever, and customer experience is now the most critical driver for growth and securing the future.
  • Decision makers need to rethink how they connect with customers, embrace change and adopt analytics to deliver ROI.
  • A forensic understanding of customers is needed to counter disruptions and to spur growth. Most need to start with small victories to demonstrate value and then scale as their business grows.
  • But there is no one size fits all approach to tackling customer experience. Analytics plays a key role in leveraging and monetizing data, but analytics must be flexible, scalable, and affordable.
  • That’s why leaders in small and midsize companies need to adopt analytics that enable them to start go beyond spreadsheets to visualize and create dashboards, and then advance their maturity with AI, chatbots, and advanced solutions.

Join this session to learn about:

  • Why CX is the driver for growth
  • How companies can level the playing field with MarTech analytics, leveraging data insights to personalize the customer experience
  • How to adopt and evolve strategies for merging customer personalization, trust, loyalty as well as business agility, adaptability and resiliency.

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About the Experts

Bernard Marr
Best-selling author and Strategic Business and Technology Advisor, Bernard Marr & Co.

Robert Stillwell
SVP, Business Analytics at Seacoast Bank


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