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Key takeaways from the Bernard Marr and Robert Stillwell discussion:

Getting started

“…data science doesn't have to happen in a vacuum, and you need to have a vision and a strategy in place first, which is very important.”

Customer connection

“It's all about nurturing our relationships with our customers… we built something called a Single View of the Customer.” 

Know your data

“..we had to bring in all these different sources and so it really was … knocking on a lot of doors and trying to understand all the different parts of the business.”

Customer measurement

“… customer lifetime value it's kind of like a mini financial statement on every customer, but rather than being backward looking, it's a forward prediction of the customer value.”

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About the Experts

Bernard Marr
World-Renowned Tech Expert & Influencer

Robert Stillwell
SVP, Business Analytics at Seacoast Bank