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Modernizing Manufacturing: Why Digital Innovation Is Critical Now

How do digital innovators ponder and plan for true transformation in manufacturing? We’re glad you asked.

About the webinar

As we’ve learned in the past year, digital transformation isn’t an option for industrial companies. And it’s not simply an imperative either.

It’s the singular key to staying competitively viable.

In this increasingly digital world, running ever faster on the speed and accuracy of decision making, far too many organizations are still struggling with digital transformation. What does it mean? How can we execute on its countless possibilities?

In this webinar, experts from SAS and leading technology research and advisory firm ARC Advisory Group walk through how successful digital innovators think about and strategize for real transformation. 

What you'll learn:

  • Six key steps that separate digital transformation leaders from the rest of the pack.
  • How IIoT data plays a critical role in realizing the value of digital transformation.
  • Tips on assessing your organization’s capacity to draw value from its valuable IIoT data.

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About the Experts

Mike Guilfoyle
Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

Marcia Walker
Industry Principal, Global Marketing, SAS