On-Demand Webinar

Best Practices With Modern Forecasting

Discover how to improve forecasting processes and future planning using a consistent and scalable framework.

About the webinar

An effective forecasting process should focus on combining the statistical forecasts and qualitative judgments as inputs to business plans – and take the appropriate actions.

However, due to current volatile economic conditions, organizations have been forced to operate on razor-thin margins, disrupting forecasting processes and competitive status in the markets in which they operate.

Join this webinar to learn how your organization can pivot with modern forecasting ecosystems.

You’ll learn how to provide a framework to automatically deliver reliable forecasts and incorporate the most advanced algorithms, in a governed and consistent way.

Why attend?

  • Learn which elements you need to incorporate in your forecasting process.
  • Understand the role of machine learning algorithms and data segmentation to improve accuracy.
  • Explore how you can integrate the latest open source algorithms in a shareable and reusable way using an open and extensible framework.

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About the Experts

Spiros Potamitis
Senior Data Scientist and Global Product Marketing Manager for Forecasting and Optimization, SAS

Joe Katz
Principal Product Manager for Forecasting, SAS