On-Demand Webinar

Making Analytics Your Superpower: Approachable Analytics for Student Success

See how predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics can help your institution move beyond simple reporting for positive change.

About the webinar

Institutions are faced with a lot of challenges today, from enrollment to budget and student retention.

The focus is often on reporting, but reporting can only take institutions so far. Eventually, you have to move beyond “What happened?” and get to “What will happen next?” and “How can I make something else happen?”

Predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics can help you do just that.

Join us for this webinar to see how analytics can be more approachable than you might think, as well as how the insights you derive can be implemented to create positive change.

Why attend?

  • Find out more about the transition from reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics, no matter where your institution is in its analytics journey.
  • See how you can put the “research” back into institutional research.
  • Explore how you can wrangle data that tends to be in disparate systems, hard to access or not fully trustworthy.

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About the Experts

Sean Cherlinczuk-French
Customer Advisor for Government and Education, SAS

Lisa Moore
Analytical Consultant for US Professional Services, SAS