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LDTI: The Journey Toward Compliance and Beyond

LDTI is viewed as the biggest insurance change in FASB accounting in decades. CNO, Deloitte and SAS discuss the steps you can take now to achieve compliance and modernize business processes.

About the webinar

Many insurers have been exploring the requirements to the LDTI (long-duration targeted improvements) journey by trying to extend their actuarial systems.

Yet many are realizing that it is less of an actuarial challenge and more of a data management and technology transformation – requiring the alignment of actuarial, accounting, general ledger and reporting systems.

Changes in systems, processes and internal controls will be necessary. Data will need to be federated and harmonized for generating measurements and journal entry postings.  

Join us for this webinar as CNO, Deloitte and SAS reflect on their LDTI journey and what they’ve learned so far as they look toward achieving compliance and beyond.

Learn more about:

  • Recognizing the importance of data management, especially in the face of legacy and siloed systems.
  • Meeting common LDTI challenges faced by insurers and how the SAS solution for LDTI can help achieve smart compliance.

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About the Experts

Chris Michelstetter
Vice President, Enterprise Financial Risk Management, CNO Financial Group

Bryan C. Benjamin
Senior Manager of Financial Risk, Transactions and Restructuring, Deloitte

David Kim
Solution Lead, Risk and Finance Advisory for Insurance, SAS