On-Demand Webinar

The Impact of Child Sexual Exploitation Online

A real-life story: The people behind the intelligence report

About the webinar

Join us for this unique opportunity to truly understand the ripple effect of child sexual exploitation online criminality.

Hear a personal account from our guest presenter, Ailish Jamieson, and how she has been directly affected by this crime.

We will then discuss how SAS has developed innovative technology to support investigations with more efficient and effective working practices to manage volume and protect people like Jamieson.

We will discuss:

  • The experience of our speaker before and during the time the offender was detected and the significant impact on her life after arrest.
  • Insight into how she has found strength, courage and determination to rebuild her life and become stronger.
  • Understand how SAS® technology can help tackle this problem and truly support every stage of the process to quickly safeguard children.

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About the Experts

Ailish Jamieson
HR Professional, SAS

Ailish Jamieson is an HR professional at SAS and has opened up about her story to help others. Her openness has helped SAS further develop our software.

Ashley Beck
Law Enforcement Specialist, SAS

Ashley Beck was in active service with Police Scotland for 18 years, with extensive experience in covert intelligence gathering, using technical knowledge to progress and develop innovative intelligence-gathering strategies.

Beck assisted with complex investigations into child sexual exploitation online activity and with technology solutions that can map challenges to help extract risk and help prioritize action to protect communities. She joined SAS in 2021 to help develop CSE solutions for law enforcement and take these solutions to market.

In addition, Beck is an active board member of Scottish women’s forums for policing, technology, and diversity and inclusion.