On-Demand Webinar

SAS Approach to Crime Gun Intelligence Centers: Gun Intelligence Collection and Ballistics Analysis Support

Learn how SAS technology enables Crime Gun Intelligence Centers to manage, gain insights into and uncover relationships in crime gun data.

About the webinar

As the primary line of defense against crime-related firearms, Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGICs) are integral to the safety of communities across the country.

That's why SAS offers intelligence capturing and analytics tools to manage and gain insights into the various data streams associated with crime guns – including NIBIN, IBIS, eTrace, and other ballistic-related intelligence and investigative data sources – that reveal both obvious and non-obvious relationships.

SAS can help CGICs make sense of it all while automating manual processes to reduce the time from initial lead to actionable investigation.

Richard Bright, SAS Solutions Architect and Army veteran, Maj. Joe Brennan, Executive Officer with the New Jersey State Police, and Col. Patrick Callahan, New Jersey State Police, will discuss information sharing and intelligence production needed to support law enforcement, counterterrorism and homeland security missions.

Join us for a discussion of how SAS can help you reduce time to intelligence so you can identify shooters and disrupt criminal activity.

Why attend?

  • Learn about SAS technology solutions for intelligence capturing and analytic tools.
  • Build an understanding of how SAS tools help manage, uncover and gain insights into investigative data sources.
  • See how SAS solutions assist in the overall mission of fusion centers.

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About the Experts

Steve Serrao
Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS

Steve Serrao has more than 40 years of experience working in the law enforcement field with a focus on criminal investigation and intelligence management. He was an active duty police officer and high-ranking intelligence commander with the New Jersey State Police for 25 years. Serrao also has significant senior-level experience in the private sector the past 15 years working for SAS, the leading global information technology and analytics provider. He has served on several advisory committees and working groups, including the US Department of Justice’s Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group.

Richard Bright
Senior Presales Solutions Architect, SAS

Richard Bright is a Senior Solutions Architect at SAS supporting the public safety and criminal justice portfolio. He is passionate about helping public safety and law enforcement organizations capitalize on data, analytics, and AI and machine learning to better serve communities. Previously at the General Services Administration (GSA), Bright led the Infrastructure Capabilities Division for Digital Infrastructure Technologies. The division pilots emerging technology, assessing fit and value for GSA IT while managing projects and providing agile coaching support.  

Joe Brennan
Executive Officer, New Jersey State Police

Maj. Joe Brennan has developed and cultivated an ability for driving operations based on analysis-driven understanding of the environment. Brennan has created and managed successful, innovative and comprehensive crime analysis strategies that have changed the way police operate in New Jersey and are considered best practices nationally and internationally.

Patrick Callahan
Colonel, New Jersey State Police

Col. Patrick Callahan has served as the 14th Colonel of the New Jersey State Police since 2017. Prior to his current role, he served as the Recovery Bureau Chief in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and worked with state and federal partners to develop and implement long-term recovery effort strategies. He has also served as the Commanding Officer of the Emergency Management Section and Assistant State Director of the Office of Emergency Management. He was the chairman of the Command and Control Subcommittee of the Emergency Management Section when New Jersey hosted Super Bowl XLVIII, working to develop and implement all operations undertaken by the Public Safety Compound.