On-Demand Webinar

GenAI’s Role in Transforming the Future of Financial Services

How generative AI is benefitting financial institutions today and where it may lead in the future

About the webinar

The emergence of generative AI promises to radically alter the way the financial services industry works.

But amid so much speculation, it’s important to understand what’s real and what may be mere hype.

SAS has been at the forefront of advances in AI since its founding.

Join us for the first in our GenAI series exploring what it may mean for financial services.

The series will feature SAS data scientists, industry experts and partners to help break down the challenges, opportunities, use cases and incredible potential of this emerging AI frontier.

We will explore:

  • Lofty expectations. With 40 years in AI, SAS has been through this cycle before. We’ll share our experiences, current investments in GenAI, and where we see great potential and possible risks if it’s not used responsibly.
  • Practical applications in your financial institution. Whether you’re currently benefitting from GenAI or not, we’ll explore specific strategies and use cases that can help your institution create your own GenAI roadmap.
  • Future implications for financial services. By exploring emerging trends, potential disruptions and the transformative impact of GenAI, we’ll provide our view on how this technology will shape and redefine the industry.
  • Using GenAI for good, for all. GenAI is more than a behind-the-scenes technology banks use to mitigate risk. It can also enhance customer satisfaction and privacy in ways you may have never considered.

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About the experts

Stephen Greer (moderator)

Banking Advisor, SAS

Iain Brown

Head of Data Science, SAS

Anthony Mancuso

Director, Risk Solutions Consulting, SAS

Matthew Jones

Head of Risk Decision Science and Analytical Innovation, Nationwide Building Society