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Unlock the Power of GenAI in Financial Services Series

Generative AI in Fraud and Financial Crimes

Challenges and opportunities for financial institutions

About the webinar

Join SAS and Deloitte as we dive into the impact of generative AI on the financial sector, highlighting new challenges in fraud and financial crime, and exploring innovative solutions like synthetic data.

Gain insights on emerging use cases, the strategic direction of AI investments, and how these advancements are reshaping the industry.

Why attend?

  • Explore GenAI’s impact on fraud and financial crime with SAS and its partners at the forefront.
  • Discover new GenAI strategies and use cases for fraud prevention.
  • Learn about SAS’ synthetic data solutions for the financial sector’s evolving needs.
  • Hear success stories and specialized techniques from SAS and Deloitte experts.
  • Gain more clarity around GenAI in order to tackle your business challenges more effectively.

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About the experts

Stu Bradley

Senior Vice President, Fraud and Security Intelligence Practices, SAS

Brendan Maggiore

Senior Manager, Payment Fraud, Deloitte