On-Demand Webinar

SAS Approach to Gang Investigations and Analysis: Understanding the Gang Environment to Enhance Investigations

Learn how the fusion center can improve its tools and capture incident data and analytics for gang-related activities.

About the webinar

SAS solutions can help fusion centers capture incident data across risk factors like gangs, drugs and gun violence.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by gang expert Edwin Santana as we explore how a SAS® gang dashboard helps manage, uncover and explore obvious and non-obvious relationships in various data streams in gang investigations.

The source of gang data may include CAD, RMS, department or statewide intelligence systems and departments of corrections.

The SAS gang dashboard integrates data from disparate systems to automate distinguishing gang-related incidents from those that are not.

Fusion centers can make sense of all gang-related data, automating the generation of statewide gang assessments and criminal intelligence for investigative support.

Why attend?

  • Hear from experts in the field on the benefits of gang investigation analytics.
  • Discover how the dashboard eliminates time-consuming manual processes.
  • Learn how it can drive efficiency by reducing training requirements.
  • See how gang investigation analytics can uncover hidden links between related activity for investigations.

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About the Experts

Ed Santana
Intel Analyst: Gang Intelligence Unit, Morris County Sherriff’s Office, NJ

With over 25 years of law enforcement experience, Edwin L. Santana was a founding member of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Gang Intelligence Unit in 2000. Throughout his law enforcement career, he was assigned to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Task Force and detailed to their Fugitive Unit, Narcotics Unit and Crime Intelligence Task Force Unit.

Juan Colon
Advisory Industry Consultant: Public Safety, SAS

Since 2018, Juan Colon has served as SAS' National Director of Opioids and Illegal Drug Solutions. He is also an advisory industry consultant, developing technologies around public safety issues such as the opioid crisis, gangs, fusion center operations and police reform.

Colon retired in 2018 at the rank of major after serving 25 years with the New Jersey State Police.