On-Demand Webinar

Fraud Fingerprints in Your Data

Fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) is on the rise in health care. Join us and learn more about how to stem the growing tide of cases.

About the webinar

Fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) is an ever-growing threat in health care and costs providers, payers and patients more as each day passes.

Both health care providers and payers must continually adapt to new methods employed by fraudsters to keep their costs in check.

Join us and discuss how to better understand and uncover FWA using behavioral analytics.

This panel conversation explores how to reduce growing costs by uncovering the fingerprints left behind in health care data as a result of fraudsters.

You will learn about:

  • Health care fraud.
  • Payment integrity.
  • Program integrity.
  • FWA.
  • Health equity.
  • Behavioral analytics.
  • AI in health care analytics.

Note: NHCAA continuing education credit will be awarded to those individuals who attend 75% or more of this webinar.

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About the Experts

Tom Wriggins
Advisory Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS 

With over 30 years of health care experience, Tom Wriggins brings practitioner-level expertise to his role with SAS. Wriggins combines extensive clinical experience with data and analytics knowledge to help government health care entities crack down on fraud and improper payments. He has led multidisciplinary teams that have delivered large and complex data solutions for government health agencies. Wriggins has also created fraud and abuse investigative training programs.

John Maynard, CPA, CFE, AHFI
Principal Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS

John Maynard is a fraud and risk industry advisor specializing in health care and government fraud. Maynard served in government for over 25 years and has a broad background in federal, state and local programs. He is the former Program Integrity Director for Ohio Medicaid, the fifth-largest state health care program in the US and supports the SAS global health care fraud team.

Jason DiNovi, CPMA, AHFI
Health Care Industry Consultant, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS

Jason DiNovi has been part of the insurance industry for 15 years, with over a decade dedicated to medical fraud analytics. Over several years of designing analytics solutions for commercial health payers, DiNovi has developed extensive expertise in utilizing billing, adjudication and external data sources to identify anomalous behaviors. He is a Certified Professional Medical Auditor accredited by the American Academy of Professional Coders and an NHCAA Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator.