On-Demand Webinar

The Data Scientist Learning Journey: Exploring Georgia-Pacific’s Training Initiative

This webinar series is designed for individuals who want to elevate their data science skills using SAS® and keep pace with the most innovative technology.

About the webinar

The data scientists at Georgia-Pacific already possessed the most important quality of any data scientist: curiosity.

To help them make the most of it, they reached out to SAS.

We sent an expert team to sit down with their data scientists, discuss their challenges and show how techniques like CASL, Fed SQL and our open analytics platform SAS® Viya® could help.

(Not to mention how they could still work with their favorite programming languages like R or Python.)

Join Sam Coyne, Director of AI at Georgia-Pacific, as he chats with Cat Truxillo and Chip Wells.

You will learn:

  • How broad analytics really is (and why you often find it where you least expect it).
  • What the data scientists at Georgia-Pacific work on and the types of problems they solve.
  • How SAS and Georgia-Pacific worked together to design custom training.
  • The ways in which SAS’ training and materials go beyond traditional methods.

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About the Experts

Sam Coyne
Director of AI, Georgia-Pacific

Sam Coyne is the current Director of Artificial Intelligence at Georgia-Pacific’s CSC (Collaboration and Support Center) where he supports all AI/ML initiatives across Georgia-Pacific’s manufacturing sites, leading a team of world-class data scientists to deliver value for its facilities. He has supported both commercial and manufacturing projects, including time series forecasting, predictive maintenance, computer vision and anomaly detection. He holds an MS in data science with a specialization in machine learning from Southern Methodist University and a BS in logistics from the University of Tennessee.

Catherine Truxillo
Director of Analytical Education, SAS

Catherine Truxillo has written or co-written SAS training courses for advanced statistical methods, including: multivariate statistics, linear and generalized linear mixed models, multilevel models, structural equation models, imputation methods for missing data, statistical process control, design and analysis of experiments, and cluster analysis. She also teaches SAS courses using SAS/IML®, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Studio and JMP® software.

Ari Zitin
Senior Analytical Training Consultant, SAS