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Enterprise Fraud and Financial Crimes Compliance: How Banks Need to Adapt

As fraud and financial crime grow more sophisticated in the digital landscape, learn how emerging tech is helping banks respond faster and build a more effective, proactive strategy to stay ahead.

About the webinar

Fraud and financial crimes against banks and their customers are among the most significant areas of concern for the industry – and one of the largest drivers of IT expenditure and compliance costs.

Legacy systems cannot keep up with digitally savvy fraudsters, and firms must balance risk, loss prevention and compliance with customer satisfaction. What can banks do?

Join us for this webinar as we address the complexities of today’s fraud and financial crimes and the approach forward-looking banks take to combat the challenges and stay ahead.

Learn more about:

  • Five emerging trends for next-gen fraud and financial crime management.
  • Where compliance falls short.
  • The ROI of modernization.

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About the Experts

Speaker 1

Skipper Mervin
Principal Solutions Advisor

Speaker 2

Beth Herron
Americas AML Team Lead