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Ensuring Production Quality With Analytics

Experts from SAS and Ventana Research explore how analytics helps manufacturers achieve higher quality at a lower cost.

About the webinar

Manufacturers need to increase yield. But they’ve exhausted all the usual levers used in the past to improve manufacturing quality.

Without knowing when a failure will happen and how to prevent it, manufacturers must rely on human intervention, which drives down yield and throughput.

The solution? A powerful combination of data integration, automation and analytics can help manufacturers fully understand operational processes, make sustainable improvements and lower associated costs.

Tune in to hear experts from SAS and Ventana Research share use cases, real-world stories and next steps for getting started with analytics.

What you'll learn:

  • Possibilities for transformation into an environment rich in advanced analytics.
  • Details on process optimization and predictive quality.
  • Why analytics is the best next step to capture value.

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About the Experts

David Frede
Principal Product Manager, SAS 

David Menninger
Senior Vice President and Research Director, Ventana Research

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