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Drive Industrial Transformation With Analytics That Matter

Hear findings from LNS Research’s latest survey, including in-depth analysis of how manufacturers are using analytics and specific recommendations for improvement.

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About the webinar

Today’s industrial landscape is abuzz with artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data.

At the core of all these advancements is analytics – the vital key to gleaning information and insights that drive better decisions and real industrial transformation.

In this webinar, experts from LNS Research and SAS will discuss the findings from LNS Research’s recent survey of nearly 6,200 plants worldwide, Analytics That Matter: A New World.

Our pros will examine industrial companies’ progress in analytics over the past two years, including the recent impact of COVID-19 on manufacturers.

They’ll also share specific actions your organization can immediately take to become a leader in analytics and transformation.

What you'll learn:

  • Critical analytics you’re overlooking and how to refocus.
  • How to create a successful data model and why that’s key to your industrial transformation.
  • What analytics leaders care about and how you can be an industrial transformation leader, too.
  • How to evolve your organization, not just spin your wheels with more tools.

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About the Experts

Andrew Hughes
Principal Analyst, LNS Research

Marcia Walker
Industry Principal, Global Marketing, SAS