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What’s a Data Hero to Do?

This webinar addresses how various roles can use big data – which is bigger than ever – in the most effective way using AI and analytics.

About the webinar

Data is everywhere, and it goes beyond just big data.

The data ecosystem continues to expand because data is now more distributed – on-premises, in the cloud, in-stream, on-edge – and more varied than ever, driving new demands from analytics and AI use cases and users.

Data scientists want to use this information to drive and derive insights.

Data engineers need to build data pipelines to support the needs of the data scientist with a focus on DataOps. Data officers need to understand the creation, use and capabilities of the data and ensure it is being managed responsibly.

This webinar will answer the question: With all this data and its many locations, how do our data heroes use big data in an effective, timely, proactive and responsible way that can easily scale to drive insights and decisions?

Why attend?

  • Discover the value data fabrics bring the big(ger) data world.
  • See why data catalogs are important in the search for the right data.
  • Learn how you should use DataOps to expedite the analytics process.
  • Get tips and tricks for ensuring data is being integrated and managed responsibly.

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About the Expert

Kim Kaluba
Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAS