Ask the Expert Webinar Series

PROC REPORT: Getting Started

On-Demand • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

PROC REPORT is capable of producing a variety of reports. Join this session to learn basic syntax, ordering and grouping values, how to create new columns and simple highlighting techniques.

What you'll learn:

  • How PROC REPORT processes a data set, generates the order of columns and treats character variables differently than numeric variables.
  • How to order the rows of the report, since the default behavior doesn’t always provide the desired order.
  • How to use the SPANROWS option.
  • What it means to use ORDER versus GROUP in the DEFINE statement and what happens to the report as a result of changing the usage.
  • How to create a column for the report that doesn’t exist in the data set.
  • How to apply style overrides to add colors, bold font or change a format.

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