On-Demand Webinar

Analytics for Education Executives: Data-Driven Student Success

Join data science expert and former faculty researcher Lisa Moore to learn how advanced analytics can turn your disparate data sources into timely, trustworthy data-informed insights.


About the webinar

Executive leaders at colleges, universities and education systems are under more pressure than ever. As financial resources dwindle and unforeseen challenges increase, leaders are enduring intense scrutiny from board members, alumni, faculty, legislatures and – in the case of public institutions – taxpayers.

While many schools have adopted a data-driven approach, adapting to the pace of changing technology can be tricky. Data tends to be in disparate systems institutional leaders can’t access, reports must be requested and frequently the data isn’t fully trustworthy.

How can leaders be sure institutional investments in analytics will provide the trustworthy data, information and insights needed to inform strategy and decision making?

What you'll learn:

  • How analytics moves beyond simple reporting to informing better decisions.
  • Why education leaders need analytics and what analytics can do for retention, graduation, resource allocation and much more.
  • Where to start once strategic analytics becomes a priority.
  • How SAS makes analytics approachable and why we’re a trusted partner for higher education worldwide.

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About the Expert

Lisa Moore, Technical Consultant, SAS

Lisa Moore received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Oklahoma. She spent 18 years as a faculty researcher and data scientist at the university.