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An SMB’s Journey to the Cloud: Analytics Case Study

Join experts from Stratacent, Alliant and SAS as they discuss the accelerated operational efficiencies and improved CX gained by Alliant’s move to the cloud.

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About the webinar

Analytically savvy SMBs are looking for best practices as they plan their move to the cloud. But with SAS, what was traditionally accessible only to large companies is now available to SMBs.

SAS provides the scalability, time to value, and the instant infrastructure and cost savings that SMBs need.

Join expert guests Bill Adam, Senior Vice President for Database Development and Technology from Alliant, and Chief Sales Officer Doug Liming of Stratacent to hear more about the benefits Alliant realized, including the cloud architecture and capabilities that helped it achieve its goals.

We’ll also discuss Alliant’s path forward and how it addressed common misconceptions of running analytics workloads on the cloud. 

What we'll cover:

  • The business and technical motivations that led Alliant to move its SAS® Analytics workloads to the cloud, as well as other common scenarios in today’s market that lead SMBs to make the same decision.
  • How the cloud infrastructure designed and implemented by Stratacent allowed Alliant to meet its SLAs while running 1,400 analytical models and realizing 150% improvement.
  • The process that quickly took Alliant from an on-site, rigid deployment to a flexible, cloud-based SAS Analytics environment.

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About the Experts

Doug Liming
Chief Sales Officer & Managing Director of Business Development and Sales, Stratacent 

Bill Adam
SVP, Database Development and Technology, Alliant

Loren Sylvan
Advisory Solutions Architect, SAS (Moderator)

About Alliant
Alliant is a consumer marketing insights company that delivers audience-based solutions built from transactional data, advanced data science and high performance technology.

About Stratacent, a SAS Platinum Partner
Together SAS and Stratacent are supporting customers’ journey to the cloud. Stratacent provides services around SAS Analytics for customers to optimize current investments and successfully grow their analytics platform. That’s the Power of the Partner.