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Analytics 101

Many midsize organizations have the potential to benefit from analytics, but aren’t sure where to begin. Watch this webinar to learn how to quickly produce value with analytics.


About the webinar

Businesses across all industries continue to identify analytics as an opportunity for competitive differentiation. And it can help drive better decisions through the application of a diverse set of techniques to uncover meaningful insights from data.

If you've been curious about how your small to midsize business could benefit from analytics but weren't sure where to start, this is the perfect webinar for you!

Why attend?

  • See how to approach a business problem with an analytical mindset.
  • Learn how to apply an effective data strategy.
  • Discover common applications of analytics.
  • Hear how to build an analytics culture.

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About the Experts

Speaker 1

Jen Lampert, SAS

Jen Lampert is a SAS Systems Engineer focusing on data management and business intelligence. Before coming to SAS, she used SAS in her role as a crime analyst for a local law enforcement agency. Lampert has a BA in political science with a concentration in criminal justice.

Speaker 2

Molly Jones, SAS

Molly Jones is a SAS Solutions Architect with a focus in providing analytical solutions to the midmarket. Before coming to SAS, she was a SAS user in the biopharmaceutical industry. Jones holds a master's in analytics from North Carolina State University and a BS in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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