Ask the Expert Webinar Series

What Are the Analytical Capabilities of SAS® Visual Analytics?

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About the webinar

Join this webinar to learn the analytical capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics to dive deeper into your data by bridging the gap between data exploration and advanced analytics.

SAS Visual Analytics delivers trustworthy analytics with an interface that is easy and flexible for both business analysts and seasoned data scientists.

It features simple and advanced modeling objects that will appeal to either type of user.

Business analysts can benefit from Automated Explanation, getting deep, detailed statistical insight in a user-friendly way.

From there, they can move on to other analytical methods to build and utilize complex models.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the Automated Explanation object.
  • Trust the results of SAS’ modeling objects in SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Take the next step.

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About the Experts

Josh Sheinberg
Senior Associate Technical Training Consultant, SAS

Josh is a technical trainer with a passion for teaching and advanced analytics. He brings both the technical and applied aspects of data science to the table with his experience in economics, statistics and machine learning. He develops and delivers courses and creates content to share SAS capabilities.

Stu Sztukowski
Product Manager, SAS

Stu is a product manager for approachable analytics in visual analytics. Prior to product management, Stu specialized in forecasting, statistical analysis and visual analytics with a vision to advance low-code/no-code high-performance analytics solutions that can be used and understood by all. He is a mentor, leader and well-rounded SAS expert with a passion for public speaking who helps make complex analytics friendlier for all.