On-Demand Webinar

AI: Practical Applications in Health Care and Payment Integrity

What exactly are AI, ML and GAI, and how are they applied in health care and payment integrity? Let’s explore current uses and potential future threats.

About the webinar

Join us for this webinar, where we’ll review the basic concepts of AI and machine learning (ML).

While this webinar is great for beginners, it also offers an excellent in-depth understanding of how AI can improve health care solutions and protect payment integrity.

We’ll also cover how AI is used against us for fraud.

Why attend?

  • Understand basic AI and ML concepts.
  • Build a common language between investigators and data analysts.
  • Explore AI use cases in health care and FWA, including health records review automation.
  • Examine the application of computer vision and text analytics with health care records.

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About the Experts

Tom Wriggins
Senior Manager, Social Benefits & Health Care, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS 

John Maynard
Principal Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS 

Jason DiNovi
Health Care Industry Consultant, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS